Race Results

Jody Freund of Rock Bottom Racing presents:
"The German Touring Series"

Thanks Jody! Touring Series Finalists Tore, Philippe, Mike, Paul, Alex & Jody Alex Freund congratulates Mike Hudson, $200. First Place Winner
Paul Sterrett, Second Place John Tore Andersen, Third Place "Dad" Jody Freund, Fourth Place
Alex Freund, Amateur First Place Winner
Philippe de Lespinay, Fifth Place

Alex is just a 10-year-old kid who was practically raised at raceways. His dad used to bring him over since at our very first location. He was so little the tracks towered over him and remember well, the bloody screams from Alex when it was time to go home.

Today, Alex is one of our finest racers. He has competed with the best such as Duran Trujillo (his idol), Gil Rivera, Mike Hudson, and rest of the “big boys”. Give Alex a couple more years and expect to hear his name linked with the best such as his idol, Duran.

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