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Difalco Design Dragtroller

#DD425 - Dragtroller Pro Plus TQ Controller

We combined the best features from our original Dragtroller, technical knowledge we’ve gained from our successful “E”Motion road race controllers and innovative new idea’s for our greatest design ever!


  • Full range sensitivity pot - complete control over glue and run speeds for 16D to G7 motors.

  • Super high amperage power transistor - our testing showed that one powerful transistor was more reliable than two low amperage units in parallel!

  • New layout - all components are mounted on circuit board in the handle! Not top heavy. Great for module builders.

  • Transistor design - means no high power on wiper bands, no arcing, virtually maintenance free!

  • Short stroke nickel plated circuit board won’t tarnish and gets you to full power fast!

  • Modules install in turbo frames and all older Dragtrollers with red circuit board for easy upgrade to new design.


DD410 - DRAGTROLLER PRO MODULE - All the features above in a new simple to install layout for your turbo frame. Our new circuit board has custom routed slots that fit down over the turbo frame uprights! This design automatically locates itself vertically and horizontally. It sits about .070” lower so you don’t have to bend the wiper arm radically and allows the circuit board to lay perfectly flat. New in handle design has only three wires to hook up! $61
Front View  Rear View

DD415 - DRAGTROLLER MODULE - All the features of the Dragtroller Pro, plus more. We brought back one of the favorite features from our original design, push-button gluing! Momentary push-button allows you to glue car without using the trigger, no hunting wiper bands for the right glue speed. Push-button also has a small adjustment pot that can be used to reduce power further compared to big sensitivity pot setting. T.Q. to change to Dragtroller T.Q. module. $82
Front View  Rear View


DD420 - DRAGTROLLER PRO CONTROLLER - Our Dragtroller Pro module mounted on our exclusive fiberglass frame. Silver power contact, heavy duty trigger shunt and 10 gauge silicone wire get the power to the track. $158
Front View  Rear View

DD425 - DRAGTROLLER T.Q. CONTROLLER - Our Dragtroller Pro Plus module with push-button gluing on our exclusive frame with our full power “blast” relay added! $207
Front view
  Rear view


DD402 - DRAG “BLAST” RELAY - Really improves power delivered to track when added to controller with stock wires. 120 amp (surge) relay soldered above clips allows power shorter current path for more power to your lane. Special 6 volt relay is powered by only one 9 volt battery (9 volt battery in no way adds power to track). Includes 14 gauge wire to add between relay and clips to reduce wire resistance in half. New hookup instructions eliminates micro switch when adding kit to our Dragtroller modules or controllers for simplest hookup possible. Same system Mike Aceves of Slick 7 has used for all his records! $20

DD228-10 - GLUE ROLLOUT SWITCH. Replacement glue rollout switch on DD415 and DD425 models. This is the original rollout button with black switch body and red knob. $12.50

DD228-15 - GLUE ROLLOUT SWITCH. Replacement glue rollout switch for newer model DD415 and DD425 models. Switch has red body with stainless steel nut for knob. $12.50

NOTE: if you have a very early version Dragtroller with a small black transistor on the back of each heat sink (that feeds the large silver transistor) please contact Difalco Design before replacing power transistor. Small black transistors should be removed, as well as resistors replaced on circuit board for best reliability and performance.