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T+ Bulkheads
HOPRA approved for use in the G3 car!

What you see here is one of the hottest things to ever hit HO slot car racing. The T+ bulkhead is designed to be a stock replacement part for the disposable bulkhead that comes in the G car. It replaces the unpredictable arm style bulkhead with the tried & true brush barrel set up from the Tyco X2 days. Now when your brushes wear out you can replace them rather than throw the entire bulkhead away and hope to tweak a new bulkhead as good as the last. (a very frustrating task at best). The new T+ Bulkhead allows you to use Tyco wind motors both stock and modified in the G car without any chassis modifications, it uses stock Tyco X2 brush barrels which in testing has run up to 70 degrees cooler in modified trim. The T+ bulkhead has been designed, tested and produced by National Champions to exceed your expectations. Photo shows bulkhead installed in cars and with all hardware you will need to provide yourself. (Sale is for bulkhead only). A list of suggested parts to start with is included. Price is just $9.99 plus shipping which is a low 1 cent anywhere in the US via US Mail. Quantity Discounts are available. For any technical questions email slotcarparts2004@aol.com

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