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Contributors Guidelines

Contributors Guidelines

Thank you for expressing an interest in contributing to Slot Car Enthusiast. Your chances of seeing your work in print will greatly increase if you will read and follow the suggestions and guidelines contained in this document.

Magazine Concept

Slot Car Enthusiast covers the slot scene from HO to scale 1/24th cars, with articles of interest to both new and experienced slot racers, in home and commercial environments. The magazine is foremost a builder's magazine, focusing on the hands-on and the how-to of slot cars, and celebrating the spectacular craftsmanship of slot racers. Interesting raceways and tracks are featured, as well as collectible slot cars and the history of our 40+ year old hobby. The magazine does not print race reports, with rare exceptions, and even then concentrates on the cars rather than the racing. Slot Car Enthusiast will very rarely cover wing cars.

Because of the magazine's broad reach, the mix of material in any one issue is selected to appeal to the broadest range of slot car enthusiasts. We are committed to publishing material that attracts the HO racer, the 1/32 racer, and the 1/24th racer in every issue, which means only a few articles in each issue covering each scale. This may result in several issues passing by with your article unpublished, as we wait for the perfect place in the content mix.

Feature Descriptions

Slot Car Enthusiast has a number of features or departments that will appear on a regular basis. We are always seeking material that will drop into a feature heading or topic. We also solicit your ideas for features or topics or, indeed, any other story ideas you may have. Listed below are features or departments that we use, along with suggested lengths:

Track of the Month 2-4 pp
Tweaking the RTR Cars 2-3 pp
Tech Tips 1-2 pp
New Slotcar Track Tests 1-3 pp
All About (Tires, Magnets, etc) 2-4 pp
Painting/Detailing Articles 2-5 pp
Collectible Slot Cars 1-2 pp
Expert Chassis Build-Ups 1-5 pp
Slot Car Basics 1-2 pp
Advanced Slot Car Techniques 2-4 pp
Unusual Slot Car Close-Ups 1-2 pp
Slot Car Historical Articles 2-3 pp
Racing How-Tos 1-3 pp
Motor Building Basics 1-5 pp
Advanced Motor Buildups 3-6 pp
Car vs Car Track Tests 3-5 pp
Body Mounting Tips 1-2 pp

This is by no means a comprehensive list but will serve in advance of publication to help you understand the types of material we use. It is always a good idea to query the editor with your story idea before starting to write, especially to be certain that another author is not already pursuing the same topic. We welcome your story ideas and suggestions at any time. Slot Car Enthusiast also solicits slot car related cartoons and filler illustrations for use in the magazine.


Photographs are extremely important to Slot Car Enthusiast articles. In general, publication preference will be given to material accompanied by high-quality photographs which reflect and illuminate the story contained in the text.

At present, Slot Car Enthusiast is able to print Black & White illustrations only. If possible, digital submission of illustrations is preferred. We are able to accept most common graphics file formats, although Macintosh formats are preferred. Printed photos or slides should be black & white, due to the degradation of quality in the black & white reproduction of color material.

Submission of Material

Slot Car Enthusiast prefers email submission of digital material, both text and illustrations, although this may not be possible in all cases and is not mandatory. Files can also be received on floppy or 100mb Zip disk.

Submit digital text files as RTF or Interchange format, if possible, or in any recent MS Word format. First lines of any text file should list the authors full name, addresses, and phone. Paper manuscripts should be double-spaced and have the identifying info listed above on the first page. Each subsequent page should carry the author's name, manuscript
title, and page number. Last page should be marked as "end".

By the act of submitting material to Slot Car Enthusiast you certify that permission is granted for the editing and publication of the submitted material, that "all rights" to the submitted material are being awarded, and that the submitted material is an original work and in no way infringes upon the rights of any other person. It is also understood that Slot Car Enthusiast will not return any material unless the request to do so is made at time of submission.

Again, thanks for your interest in contributing to Slot Car Enthusiast. With your help, we hope to bring new people and new respect to one of the most enjoyable yet most unheralded hobbies in the world.

Greg Wells
Slot Car Enthusiast

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