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2nd Annual Apex Invitational Cup !!

Apex Racing Apex Invitational Cup
Mike Low - Apex Racing
935 Nolden St.
Los Angeles, Ca. 90042
Phone: (323) 258-8833

Once again the Apex Invitational Cup will spotlight and celebrate the highly competitive hobby and sport of H.O. slot car racing.  The list of invitees includes racers I've met over the years who have achieved notable accomplishments in organized H.O. racing. This special feature race is to showcase their talents as they compete for the Apex Invitational Cup in association with Speed Merchants.
This special event features a complete Neo race program per Speed Merchants Technical Rules. No entry fees for the Apex Invitational Cup! Any body style. Auto-qualify for starting lanes.
The Apex Invitational Cup begins at 5:00 PM following completion the Speed Merchants program. The Top 2 Non-Invitees from the Speed Merchants Neo race are also invited to participate in the Apex Invitational Cup.

The invitees for the Apex Invitational Cup include:

Joe Arabia Victor Ferguson Craig Correia Dennis Tate
Gary Beedle Garry Haworth Gary Morgan Pete Santini
Dale Buck Rick Jocham Andre Perra Niki Santini
Dennis Cagle Bob Scott Tony Porcelli Ben Vasquez, Sr.
John Cukras Rick Linn Tony Ruiz Ben Vasquez Jr.
Rick Dodge Brian Lowe Nick Toma Doug Shepard
Dave Ferguson Nelson Mark Eddie Torres Greg Williams
Bob Lincoln Francis McEntee Dave Rothwell Dale Yamashita
Roger Courtois Eric Roos Al Thurman

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