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2002 Points Series General Rules

Preface: These technical rules serve to establish individual racing classes without significant product gaps or overlaps. Each class is defined by its own unique motor/traction magnet combination, and progresses by exception from the previous class. The rules are 100% market based and favor no particular manufacturer or supplier while allowing equal access for all. The technical rules specifically prescribe which type of parts may be used by class but purposely do NOT deal with the treatment of any such parts, which is otherwise the sole responsibility of the individual participant.

1. All cars must be suitably prepared for competitive racing conditions.

2. Maximum allowable length of the entire car is 3.00 inches. Maximum allowable width is 1.3125 inches. Minimum allowable wheelbase is 1.375 inches. Maximum allowable lateral front axle movement is .03125 inches.

3. Body should be a scale replica of an actual 1:1 racing or street car. Body can be of the vacuum-formed variety. Vacuum-formed body must have clear windows, and clear front wheel openings (if front wheel wells are not cut out). The body must be painted. Except through legal openings, the body must cover the chassis when viewed from the sides and above.

4. Only one guide pin per car is allowed which may be glued in place. Car must be equipped with four rolling tires.

5. All stock replacement parts, specifically including magnets, must be readily available on a commercial basis and as a matter of routine business to all members.

6. Any axles, tires, gears, and guide pin may be used.

7. Armature and electrical system must be stock or stock replacement. Single pole resistance for any armature can not be less than 5.8 ohms measured pole to pole at room temperature. Only narrow gap, folded tab Mabuchi armatures are allowed.

8. All magnets must remain in their stock locations on a "drop in" basis for all classes.

9. Any individual parts of the car may be replaced during a race except for the original chassis and body.

10. Any car that is hazardous to the track, marshals, drivers, or other cars will not be allowed to run.

PRODUCTION - (Hardbody Stock)

Must meet all General Rules except for the following:

1. Stock body must be original equipment type and of the injection-molded variety. No cutting or body lightening is allowed. Body must be complete at start of race.

2. Magnets must be stock with stock polarity.

SUPER STOCK - (Ceramic Motor/Traction Magnets)

Must meet all General Rules except for the following:

1. Only Mattel (Tyco), Life~Like, Slottech Panther and Wizzard Patriot brand cars with all ceramic magnets may be used.

2. Vacuum formed bodies per General Rules #2 are allowed.

3. Drilling for body mounting tubes is allowed.

4. Traction magnets may have reversed polarity. Non-conductive shims may be used to restrict the movement of the motor magnets, top only.

5. Chassis may be pinned for rear axle retention and ski hanger reinforcement.


Must be Super Stock legal except for the following:

1. Only Tomy Super G+ with stock polymer traction magnets may be used.

MODIFIED - (Ceramic Motor/Polymer Traction Magnets)

Must be Super Stock legal except for the following:

1. Stock armatures may be trued, epoxied, and balanced.

2. Replacement molded rare earth traction magnets may be used.

3. Any motor electrical components may be used. Chassis may be drilled for adjustable brush barrels. Motor bushings may be used if not already stock.

4. Super G+ helper motor brush springs may be used cannot extend outside the endbell.

RESTRICTED OPEN - (Polymer Motor/Traction Magnets)

Must be Modified legal except for the following:

1. Any rewound, epoxied, trued, balanced armature may be used.

2. Replacement molded rare earth motor magnets may be used.

3. Shunt wires may be used.

4. Chassis clips and chassis plate may be used, bulkheads may be screwed in place.

NEO - (Neo Motor/Traction Magnets)

Must be Restricted Open legal except for the following:

1. Replacement rare earth neodymium motor and two (2) traction magnets are allowed. Additional wing magnets are not allowed.

2. Motor ball bearings may be used.


1. Only General Rules 1, 2, 3, and 4 apply.

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