Spring Series Race #1

Hosted by: California H.O. Speedway

First order of business is the Drivers Meeting  Ben Vasquez getting dialed in
Jim Williams in thrash mode Nelson Mark looking for speed
Giving Tony's track the acid test Smooth, fast, plenty of power
R/O never looked so good! Modified podium
R/O podium Neo podium

Modified Main Event

Position Driver Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Total
1st Tony Ruiz 59 57 58 54 228
2nd Benito Vasquez 56 58 50 55 219
3rd Garry Haworth 59 54 55 50 218
4th Doug Shepard 55 52 53 58 218
5th Ben Vasquez 51 57 53 55 216
6th Jim Williams 51 45 59 53 208

R/O Main Event

Position Driver Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Total
1st Rick Jocham 64 62 66 65 257
2nd Benito Vasquez 65 59 61 68 253
3rd Ben Vasquez 60 64 60 66 250
4th Nelson Mark 57 62 59 61 239
5th Mike Low 54 52 61 61 228
6th Doug Shepard 42 67 64 14 187

Neo Main Event

Position Driver Heat 1 Heat 2 Heat 3 Heat 4 Total
1st Rick Jocham 69 77 81 74 301
2nd Tony Ruiz 77 73 66 70 286
3rd Ben Vasquez 70 73 63 77 283
4th Benito Vasquez 68 69 70 66 273
5th Doug Shepard 57 68 80 67 272
6th Garry Haworth 40 55 60 71 226

Spring Series Race #1 News & Notes

Ruiz Raceway Inaugural Event
Major props to Tony Ruiz for kicking off the racing season in grand style by hosting the inaugural Speed Merchants race event. For Tony itís been a yearlong quest to become a working H.O. track owner, and hosting the first Speed Merchants race was only the beginning of his hard earned payback.

Once Tony decided that a having a track was more important than keeping his car indoors he purchased a continuous rail track kit routed out of PVC with the rail already installed. All he had to do was build a rock solid base, complete the cabinetry and trim, finish the wiring circuitry, install an infield, and trim out the whole racing area and heíd be ready for action. Or so he thought.

The unstable nature of PVC quickly produced rail that wasnít secure for high down force racing. Worse, a single power tap didnít carry enough current for cars fast enough to pull up the rails in the first place. Just the kind of cars Tony was so eagerly looking forward to racing himself. Ouch!

But Tony was unwavering in his determination to achieve a zero maintenance track setup. He diligently installed new track rail permanently with epoxy, and he rewired the entire track while adding a second power tap. The final touch was meticulously hand-grinding the rail to his very own exacting standards. By now Tony intimately knew every inch of his track because heíd built it all himself in the end. Speed Merchants was pleased to provide all the amp sucking, magnetic down force, Neo firepower to the party as Ruiz Raceway emerged victorious in its baptism of fire!

Letís Do Lunch!
Lost in the excitement of executing a radically fresh Speed Merchants racing program was one critical detail, a lunch break! We canít race on an empty stomach! The revised timetable:

  • 8:00 - 10:00 Open Practice
  • 10:00 - 12:00 Modified Race
  • 12:00 - 1:00 Lunch/Practice
  • 1:00 - 3:00 R/O Race
  • 3:00 - 5:00 Neo Race

Spring Series Race #2 on February 26 is officially a Haywire Raceway BBQ Race. Bon appetit!

Speed Merchants Event Update
Spring Series Points Race #3 at 21st Century Raceway has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 25. Please revise your racing plans accordingly!

Spring Point Series Modified To Include Modified
The consensus decision from last monthís Drivers Meeting was to race Modified in place of Tomy S/S for the balance of the Spring Points Series , with points from last monthís S/S race included in the points tally. Advantages cited include:

  • Makes all available chassis class eligible
  • Faster speed and better handling than S/S
  • Consistent with Fall Points Series classes
  • Still budget oriented class vs. R/O and Neo
  • In line with HOPRA and UFHORA type national rules
  • Further distinguishes dedicated purpose of Speed Merchants

What is Modified vs. Super Stock?
Itís easy! Got a Tyco, Tomy, Patriot or Panther Super Stock? You only need a "hot stock" (epoxied/trued/balanced) stock arm and your favorite pair of polymer traction magnets. Thatís it!

Mike Lowís Apex Invitational Cup

Speed Merchants Racing Is Double Trouble!
The double-semi path of heat racing to each main event proved to be quite popular since it made sure that nobody was kept away from the driverís panel for very long! Of course for the trains to run on time everyone must be prompt and prepared.

And then there was the lone Dreaded Track Call. Leave it to Benito Vasquez to launch his Neo car clear on top of the overhead garage door!

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