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Sanding the chassis bottom with motor/traction magnets installed will increase rail clearance. Even pressure with 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper on a flat surface takes off .005-.008” once the whole bottom surface has been sanded. Too much sanding will only eat into the magnet stops! Use 600 grit sandpaper in the same manner to remove any sanding marks. Clean magnetic dust from all parts with putty before re-assembling.

Since the ski hangers are short, bend the skis inward at the front to minimize the chance that they will accidentally slip off the hangers and hang up against the chassis.

Bend the arms of the front bushing retainer wire inward so it snaps on the chassis tightly and securely without movement. Make sure the retainer wire doesn’t touch the brush barrels!

If your body pins are .025” for example, drill out the body posts to .032” so the body dampens rather than transmits vibration. Using aluminum heat sinks in place of the standard allen screws can help provide increased heat dissipation.

Bevel the corners of the rear magnet retainer clip from the magnet stops to the clip’s outer edge to allow for lower body mounting.

The front bumper bar can be attached with two cut down body mounting pins. Use a pin vice with the starter holes provided. Drill slightly undersize for a snug fit and add a small drop of red Loctite in each chassis hole before assembly.

Click here for Patriot P2 schematic

More Patriot P2 user tips and tricks are posted on the Wizzard Tech Talk BBS

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