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Ferret is a leading manufacturing company for the slot car industry. We at Ferret manufacture and produce items for many toy companies as well.

Ferret Mfg. has been manufacturing slot car products for the past 15 years. Ferret started out in a small building on Long Island New York. George Hauck was in the slot car business back in the 1960. Many people still remember him. But due to raising a family and personal reasons he left the business. But as life would have it, George found him self back in the slot car business.

While walking by a slot car raceway he went in and found that the business was still here and needed some inexpensive and low end slot car products. So George went to work and by using brains and brawn he first produced a braid machine.

He noticed that in most cases the braid in the guide shoe would pull out when trying to change it during a race. George made a tight fitting brass clip that would hold the braided wire more securely. That started the ball rolling. He then produced two types of braid, 408 Racing Braid and 432 Macho Braid. The braid clip is extremely tight leaving very little room for the brass clip to pull out  during a critical time when changing braid in the middle of a big race. The braid is used by many racers in the industry today and it will continue be used in years to come.

After the braid came Group 12, Group 15, Group 20, Tri-Pod, and 1/32 scale Hum-Dinger chassis. From there Ferret began producing Ready To Run Cars (RTRís) Thanks to the motor companies the Ferret RTRís were under way. Ferret produces RTRís for everyone from the beginner to the pro.

The next challenge was to produce a set of tools that the entire industry could use and so the double-ended Combo Wrench was born. A .050 tip at one end and a .078 tip at the other end meant the racer wouldn't have to spend time looking for two different wrenches at critical times, one for the motor and another for the gears and tires. An affordable gear puller was then produced for small pinions that were hard to remove without a hammer and chisel.

Then came the Spring Retainer Tool for those small springs that are so hard to fit in your fingers. Not to mention putting them on a 1/16 axle using a hammer. George went to work once again a designed a tool for that little spring and small axle. Itís one of the must popular tools in the Ferret product line and the only spring tool on the market today.

Ferret currently produces many items that are available through your local distributors. To see the Ferret Product Catalog or your local distributor Click Here.

Even though Ferret was well under way George was getting very cold living up in New York. So he decided to move the whole operation to Florida. After buying a building in New York, having just moved in, and with snow falling and George getting colder and colder, he decided to make a move that would be the best he ever made. The move to Florida was under way, all while keeping operations going at full speed - TOYS - SLOT CARS - TOOLS - and the family was on the move again. With a new building and a new home the move is finally over and production is back in full run. George and his staff are back to producing more items for Ferret and the slot car industry.

Thank you for reading about Ferret Manufacturing. Now go out and have some fun!

Thank you again,

George & Carol Hauck

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