Cruzin' Track Systems
American AVK Co. Trade Show

27 September 2006

To: Bob

First, on behalf of everyone at American AVK Company, please note that we just used your race track at a show for the first time and we are very impressed by the quality of workmanship and dependability in the track you built for us. Photos of the completed booth are included for your reference.

Whew, we had 80 racers on Sunday, a lot more than that on Monday, and then a ton of use on Tuesday. Each racer raced for 3 minutes and were racking up between 45 and 82 laps per driver. We used Coleman lantern fluid on the track surface, the sticky stuff on the tires, and oiled the cars properly as needed. In each regard I feel like the system worked very, very well.

We gave away 4 cars (to top 4 drivers), so we’ll need some new cars as well.


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