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  Del Mar Fair 2000 - 5X16' 6 lane 1/32nd track. Helper Bryant with 1/48th plastic racing set. Los Banos, Ca. Fair 2000 - 5X16 6 lane Figure 8 featuring Magnatech (steel over copper) braid. 1996 - Kern Co. Fair - Mike Green & Gary Barr installing Cidex caution light system in 9X18 Tri-Oval and 9X18 Figure 8.
1999 - Reno Nv. at Nevada State Fair. 1998 - Good Guys car show - Teri's going Cruzin'! 1998 - 12X32 Hillclimb in Chicago.
1998 - Finishing a 12X30 Hillclimb in Chicago. 1998 - Cruzin' Bob tutors Hasse Nillson on track building. 1998 - finished 12X30 Hillclimb track.
1998 - Kern Co. Fair - Marty Alvarez showing off Bud NASCAR and Indy cars (on front tire). 1998 - Good Guys car show a L.A. County Fairplex. Notice Hot Wheels display trailer behind us. 1995 - Phoenix International Raceway - slot drag racing was very popular but very time consuming to run.
1998 - Fountain Hills, Az. at Silver Classic car show & auction. Cruzin' Bob's new Hummer! 1995 - Phoenix swap meet. Wife Teri stands with "downtown" kids who helped turn marshal throughout the weekend. 1995 - Cruzin' has been in the news over 1 dozen times with two news stations here catching the action in Phoenix, Az.
1995 - Chandler, Az. Ostrich Festival. Pre-IRL Indy promo w/PIR. Track is a 12X30 Tri-Oval. 1995 - Chandler Ostrich Festival - Cruzin' and PIR. We used .040 Parma Indy bodies for IRL per race promo. 1996 - Napa Town & Country Fair - Sometimes slot car racers turn into real animals!
1995 - St. Patrick's Day parade in Sedona, Az. at Artisans Galleria. Fun in the sun at the Red Rock Wonderland! Another shot of the huge crowd at Sedona, Az. 1995 - Phoenix International Raceway. While Arie Lyendyk was on his way to winning IRL young Arie was showing his talent at slot car racing.
1996 - California Mid-Winter Fair - 50MPH winds blew sand on track. You can't see the 1" sand drifts but they're there! 1995 - 1st Fair - Sonoma-Marin Co. Entertainer gets a birds eye view! 1997 - 21st Century routed H.O. track built by Cruzin'
1997 - 21st Century routed H.O. Phoenix International Raceway layout built by Cruzin'. The "Track In The Attic"
1994 - Cruzin's Ogilvie swoopy King at former location  in Phoenix, Az. 1994 - Jan Limpach's idea for Father/Son slot car setup at Scottsdale Auction. Cruzin' donated box, maintenance kit and free track time. 1994 - Cruzin's Ogilvie Hillclimb at former location in Tempe, Az.
1994 - Intel Corp. buys this 1/24 scale 4 lane Lazy 8 for the Chicago Auto Show 4X12 1/32 scale Tri-Oval w/magnetic braid. 1998 at the Scottsdale Fashion Square with Phoenix TV3's weatherman Len and cameraman after awesome live segment. Track is 4x10 4 lane 1/32 scale figure 8.
Cruzin' Bob's new 1/24 figure 8 with Magnatech braid. 7x17' mobile track with 7' extension sections (shown). 1/32 scale Stock cars.  Paintmaster paint, Pro-Track .030 bodies,
modified Parma Womp chassis and running gear.
Intricate Spaghetti Section by Bob Scott in honor of his wife Teri! New additions for Dave's track now make it 12x20' in 6 sections. Is Bob smiling or gritting his teeth while racing on Dave Deuble's home-garage track?
A Christmas party for local Phoenix Channel TV3 12/21/2001 by Cruzin'
2002 - Sandblasting Monster Trucks on the beach at the San Diego. Ca. County Fair
95' 1/24 Scale Blue Prince 60' 8 Lane Oval New Look Cruzin' 1/24 Scale King Track
Piccolino Piccolino was our playful Chihuahua and faithful traveling friend.

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