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January 7, 2006

The first of a 3 race series started with a hoot @ Motorsport Hobbies in Casa Grande, AZ. Mike Carter, the owner has been open since October '05 and is loving his new business! He is concerned however that his RC sales are better than slots. Well, with a little help from our friendly racers, we brought in some excitement for Mike, his lovely wife & daughter and some local racers. Mike's place is cozy, clean as a whistle and set up better than most.

Starting the race program @ 7 PM worked like a charm, given the entries we had. A total of 30 entries for 4 races was completed in just under 3-1/2 hours! The best part was having 9 Youth with only one having ever driven the track before!

I give special thanks to racers from Tucson, Laurence & Rick as well as long distance winners, Dave, Michelle, Randy & Adam from Dewey. And don't think I forget about my local homies, a better crew one could not ask for! Thank you fellas!

In practice it was readily apparent the kids weren't going to get enough time to practice...the 3.5" lane spacing on the track...(yep, inspired by Mr. Magnatech!) makes for some interesting bodily contact through the esses...errr and any other turns there are...gotta hand it to these racers, they were up for the challenge!

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There were 9 Youth which was totally inspiring for me and I hope it continues! Owner Mike's son, who holds track record, was absent and it was left up to Shane to carry the torch! Shane started off strong but weakened a bit under pressure from some tough wrecks! After a few heats Shane, Randy & Cameron began pulling away from the rest of the field. Cruzin' series winner RJ found the track a bit difficult as did most of the field. They all definitely had fun though, I can guarantee that! The top 3 won a Motorsport Hobbies T Shirt! Magazines & other prizes were given to the rest of the field sponsored by Motorsport Hobbies & Cruzin'.

Laps Name Best Time Chassis Body
205 Randy 3.413 Parma F5 Parma
202 Cameron 3.241 Champion O/S
194 Shane 3.522 Parma F5 Parma
173 Parker 3.405 JK C7 O/S
169 Kurtis 3.569 JK C7 Parma
158 Tyler 3.507 JK C7 Parma
151 RJ 3.289 Parma F5 Parma
116 Adam 4.070 JK C7 Parma
111 Aaron 3.617 SW Parma


At 7:54 we began a 9 man round robin with 2 Novice & 7 Advanced racers. This was some fierce racing and 5 racers kept pace for the first 5 heats, Rick S, Charley, Laurence, Steve & Pete with Rick & Nick suffering difficulties. Novice racer Dave trailed Lonnie by a few laps till the last heat and then like a pro...put the hammer down for the win! During the race Laurence set a heat record 36 laps on red! New issues of SARN went to the top finishers, thanks to Motorsport Hobbies.

205 Dave 3.406 JK C7 Parma
202 Lonnie 3.460 JK C7 O/S

253 Rick S 3.180 JK C7 O/S
252 Charley 3.242 JK C7 O/S
252 Laurence 3.015 Champion O/S
240 Steve 2.960 JK C7 O/S
239 Pete 3.241 JK C7 O/S
156 Nick 3.133 JK C7 O/S
65 Rick 3.187 JK C7 O/S


I was really pleased to see another good turnout for this class. Everyone put some good effort into detailing their rides and we got some great photos to prove it! Steve won a close concours with a body by Cruzin' Mike Lisciandra. This race was a bit of a battle the first few heats and we were amazed at the speed of newbie Dave from Dewey...guess having a home wood track has it's advantages! It was a good race for 3rd place but Al and I took off a bit! New Alpha Can Am bodies were presented to top finishers.

371 Dave 3.124 Champion Alpha

403 Bob 2.843 Champion Alpha
399 Al 3.014 Parma F5 Alpha
363 Charley 3.233 Champion Alpha
355 Pete 2.914 Parma F5 Alpha
330 Rick M 3.022 Parma F5 Alpha
326 Rick S 2.906 Champion JK
268 Nick 2.914 JK C7 Alpha
108 Steve 3.015 Parma F5 Alpha

We only had 3 takers for GT-1 and although several more could have raced I know that more than 4 cars on the track may have been messy! Takes some doings gettin' around each other, that's a fact!

449 Bob 2.640 Parma F5 JK Peugot
441 Laurence 2.687 JK C7 JK
431 Al 2.586 Parma F5 JK

Once again, thanks to Motorsport Hobbies, the Carter's & all racers who participated. It was a good program in a great facility!

Next week @ Tuff Traxx is gonna be awesome! Pete & Charley have been itching to get back on the K2 hillclimb! Laurence will be up from Tucson and Dave & Family are coming down from Dewey! I'm hoping Jerry & TJ will show but if not we'll have a good run anyway! I got whooped up on good in GT-1 Advanced there awhile back, those fellas have gotten good! Let's see, would $100 cash to the winner bring Jerry out?!

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