9333 E. Apache Trail, #104 Mesa, AZ 
January 14, 2006

Youth Box Stock Lineup Youth Podium Youth Drivers
Adult Box Stock Lineup Adult Drivers Can-Am Lineup
Can-Am Podium GT-1 Podium GT-1 Lineup

I may be the only raceway owner to ever advertise its closing but that’s another story. (Last race of series is last day for Cruzin” Chandler, Jan 28). One of the motivating factors for this race series was to get my hardcore race customers acclimated to the other 2 raceways. D&D Tuff Traxx holds fond memories for many Cruzin’ regulars with it’s 115' 6 lane Hillclimb from the closed K2 Hobbies where they used to race, and for me personally as I originally opened the store in 2002. 3rd owner Dave also owns D&D Hobbies, a full line RC Hobby store. Dave is a great guy and knows how to keep his customers happy! Dave admits it’s a hard business but somebody’s gotta do it.

D&D has 2 tracks and a drag strip tightly positioned around a nicely stocked parts counter and maintenance shop. Although any other day would have been best due to a hearty Drag Program on Saturday but thanks to the good natured attitudes of all involved, some serious racing went off without a hitch!

This race, in my mind, was to be the race of the decade in dusty ol’ Arizona! And it was, quite a race of champions in fact!  Not many Novice racers but lots of talent and hot racing action! I am quite amazed and pleased to see a good turnout of youth. Thank you parents for helping them participate.


Laps    Name                       Best Time         Chassis          Body

111      Randy Chisolm           5.273              JK C7             Alpha CanAm

104      Cameron Haag           4.891              Champion      O/S HD

101      Parker Hill                  5.601              JK C7             Parma Caddy HD

96        RJ Haag                     5.046              Parma F1       O/S HD

95        Trevor Waxbom         5.226              J C7                Alpha Can Am

94        Aaron Haag               5.265              Slotworks        O/S HD

94        Justin Chisolm           5.710              JK C7              Alpha Can Am Lotus

92        Kurtis  Hendricks       5.820              JK C7              O/S HD

83        Shane Mann              6.101              Parma F3        Parma NASCAR

81        Tyler Smith               5.882               Parma F3        Parma NASCAR

51        Adam Chisolm          8.125               Parma F5        O/S HD


Laps   Name                         Best Time     Chassis         Body


109     Lonnie Hendricks      5.375              Parma F5       O/S HD

107     Dave Chislom            5.327              JK C7             Alpha Ferrari

98       Travis  Taillet            5.437              Parma F5     Parma NASCAR


134     Laurence Roberts     4.780              JK C7            O/S Caddy

133     Charley Scrogum      4.772              JK C7             Parma Lola HD

125     Pete Christensen      4.726              JK C7             Parma Lola HD

121     Nick Moody               4.718              JK C7             Parma Lola HD

113     Steve Hill                  5.163              JK C7             O/S Caddy HD

111     Rick Moody               5.226              JK C7             O/S HD


Laps     Name                    Best Time         Chassis          Body (All Alpha- Sunset Racing Shells)


181     Dave Chisolm            4.780              Champion      Ferrari


232     Bill Christiansen        4.437              Champion      Ferrari

227     Mike Redneck           4.450              Champion      Lola

226     Sid Viscous               4.450              Champion      Ferrari

225     Charley Scrogum      4.499              JK C7             Lotus 40

225     Bob Scott                   4.390             Champion      Lola

216     Laurence Roberts      4.437              Champion     Autocoast

203     Al Thurman                4.608            Parma F5        Autocoast

187     Steve Hill                   4.779             Champion       Lola

51       Nick Moody                4.844             Champion       McClaren

The stamped steel “Falcon” type motor classes are wonderful and relatively fast. Put on a nostalgic Can Am body and you have a fun class. New chassis designs and advancements in motor technology @ reasonable prices drives this type racing in a very positive way.

The Can Am has been a regular class for D&D and it showed. The big guns pulled out trusty hardware and merely fired from the hip taking 1-2-3! This was one serious race with Sid in a borrowed car setting race heat high 40 laps in his last heat, moving from 5th to 3rd!


I had hopes for a big turnout in GT-1 but once again, the late hour (10 PM) and the excitement in tight quarters got to some. Thankfully we had a full field of 6. Fresh off his Can Am win, local hot shoe Bill set a fast pace to start. Bob, Mike & Laurence kept him in sight till late when Mike ran into some trouble. Bob stayed within a couple laps and in the last heat had a free lane which helped him into the winners circle.

Laps   Name                      Best Time        Chassis         Body                         


247     Bob Scott                   3.949              Parma F5       JK Audi

246     Bill Christiansen        3.950              Champion      Parma Intrepid

234     Mike Redneck           4.009              Parma F5       Parma intrepid

225     Laurence Roberts     4.110              JK C7             JK Toyota

80       Nick Moody                4.660             Parma F5       JK Toyota

35       Al Thurman                4.559             Parma F5       Parma Dome

Very Special Thanks to Michelle Chisolm, Dave’s pretty wife who has taken photos at both races. Also, thanks again to D&D Tuff Traxx Dave, KC Goldblatt & all racers who participated. It was a good program with lots of action! See

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