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January 28, 2006

Box Stock Novice podium Can-Am podium Kids podium
GT-1 1st & 2nd Place GT-1 podium Can-Am Concours by Mike Lisciandro

It’s truly a sad thing to be a part of a raceway closing and I hoped to go out in style with a race party featuring a race series final! Thanks to some dedicated racers who love fierce slot racing, there was a good turnout for the series final. We sorely missed Pete & Charley but understand the woes of medical problems for Pete and wish him well.

Mike’s wife Diane brought up a van load of Motorsports Hobbies Youth racers and filled Cruzin’ with their wonderful bright yellow T-shirts. That was a fine display of teamwork and we appreciate it! The Chisholm crew from Dewey (soon to be Cortez, CO) were shy one sick boy but still had 4 more to do battle! BTW, Dave Chisholm bought the Blue Prince and plans to set it up in Cortez as a club track to see how it goes over. Look for a great family run business from these fine folks! The program was long this time as we ran 5 races, 48 entries and finished just before midnight! Got a little testy late in the GT-1 race but it was a great night of racing!


The kids turnout for this series was very good!  It would be great to see this continue but it takes serious commitment and promotion to keep the kids going. 75% of these kids had dad racing too. The 2nd in command for the Chisholm crew, Randy continued his unbeatable streak and won his 3rd race in a row by a number of laps and lands the Series Championship! Randy is definitely a case for the NOVICE class! RJ finally had a good race and slipped into 3rd for the series. RJ’s lil' bro Cameron did a good job keeping Randy on his toes and takes 2nd for the series.

Laps     Name               Best Time        Chassis            Body

214       Randy               3.851                JK C7               Alpha Can Am
202       RJ                     3.788                JK C7               O/S HD
201       Cameron           3.726                Champion       O/S HD
188       Travis                4.226                Parma F3        NASCAR
186       Margot              4.000                JK C7               O/S HD
179       Justin                4.054                JK C7               Alpha Lotus
172       Shane               4.500                Parma F3         NASCAR
172       David                3.789                Champion        O/S HD
153       Tyler                 4.445                Parma F3         NASCAR
145       Ashley              4.617                Parma F3          NASCAR
135       Adam                4.500               Parma F5          O/S HD
131       Aaron                4.117              Slotworks           O/S HD


The last race brought out some we hadn’t seen in awhile! HO racer Bob Smith returns with a hard fought win over Lonnie & Dave who’ve been battling like crazy the whole series. Thanks to Jeremy & Friends who filled out the field and made the race more fun. Lonnie wins the series by 1 place over Dave.

210       Bob Smith         4.007                JK C7               O/S HD
210       Lonnie               3.835                JK C7               O/S HD
209       Dave                  3.898                JK C7               O/S HD
169       Jeremy              4.281                JK C7               O/S HD
166       Blueberry          4.070                JK C7               O/S HD
155       Theresa            4.281                JK C7               O/S HD
143       Jessica             4.164                JK C7               O/S HD


The Advanced group sadly missed Pete & Charley…Charley was tied with Laurence for the series. Seems Laurence was so distressed he finished poorly and lost to Steve who had a great race and when opportunity knocked, he was there! Chris Jr. was in fine form (wearing a Cruzin’ T - thank you very much!), missing his own track record by 1 lap!

262       Chris Jr             3.413                JK C7               O/S HD
251       Steve                3.515                JK C7               Parma HD
244       Chris Sr            3.617                JK C7               O/S HD
243       Nick                  3.617                JK C7               Parma HD
240       Rick                  3.617                JK C7               O/S HD
239       Jim                   3.678                JK C7               O/S HD
210       Mike                 3.679                JK C7               O/S HD
202       Laurence          3.507               JK C7               O/S HD


Finally Dave had some competition but Bob was on rails with his Can Am and said color me gone!

237       Bob Smith         3.514                JK C7               Matich
221       Dave                 3.679                Champion         Ferrari
183       Randy               3.843                JK C7                Matra
178       David                3.788                Champion         Matich


We were light on entries here but the competition was tough. Concours was a clean sweep by Mike Lisciandro and his own Red #12 Ferrari was so pretty it had everyone moaning each time he got hit!  Bob & Mike set a fast pace while Steve, Nick, Al & Laurence diced until Laurence ran into problems late in his 7th heat and pulled off.

254       Bob                  3.398                Champion          McLaren
247       Mike                 3.452                Champion          Ferrari
232       Steve                3.562                Champion          Lola
232       Nick                  3.570                Champion          McLaren
231       Al                     3.452                 Parma F5          Autocoast
199       Laurence         3.460                Champion          Autocoast


Now here was some competition! The fellas from Tuff Traxx REALLY missed out on this one!  Jerry was on the top of his game, inspired by all the entries, free pizza and Lo n Behold - payouts!  The race started late and some new talent was looking good so a few tempers flared. TJ. Chris Jr. tried to keep up by Jerry was nailing those turns like Peggy Fleming on ice…Rick had his best race yet and beating TJ was the icing! Most of the field was pretty fast but those 3.0’s were blowing past us…

437       Jerry                 2.968                Parma F5          JK Audi
418       Chris Jr             2.968                JK C7                JK Toyota
414       Rick                  3.016                Parma F5          JK Audi
408       TJ                     3.023                Parma F5          Parma
386       Chris Sr            3.233                JK C7                JK Toyota
385       Mike                 3.233                Champion         JK Audi
385       Bob                  3.125                Parma F5          JK Toyota
380       Laurence         3.132                JK C7                JK Toyota
333       Al                     3.124                Parma F5          Parma Dome
309       Bob Smith        3.632                JK C7                JK Toyota
238       Nick                  3.179                Parma F5          JK Toyota

The race was great fun and I was sad to see good racing friends go but happy to close Cruzin’ Chandler on a high note. Thanks to all racers, you’re a good group and deserve the best! This was my 7th raceway in 8 locations and I am competing with John Ford! Next raceway, Cruzin’ Burbank….er, uh, I mean Santa Barbara…well, we’ll see next fall.

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