USRA Nats 2000
Scale Nats Photo Highlights
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Exciting USRA membership meeting

Paul Kassens
Besides all this, Paul even took time out to race, race direct, go sight seeing, and night-clubbing in Hollywood with OWH Jr.!
Old Weird Herald web pits Thanks to our Nats Race Directors Jason Holmes, Big John Lathrop, Tim Lockhart, John Turner, Alan Ohren and Paul Kassens

John Ford of SARN

Thanks to Bill Pinkston and Bill Taylor for helping out at the Nats. Also to Paul (Pops) Flaskerud, Rick Elting & John Androsko

Danny Sailers from Gaingsville, GA

1/32 Euro Podium - Duran Trujillo, Greg Gilbert & Phil Helmuth

Alan Ohren turns 18

GT-1 Expert Podium - Joe Pelan, Tim King & Paul Ciccarello

Pro 4 1/2 Nascar  - L-R Tim King 2nd, Duran Trujillo 1st, Alan Ohren 3rd

Amateur 4 1/2 Nascar -  L-R Big Al 2ndGil Rivera 1st, Ira Stoker 3rd

Bob Gonder

Joe Pelan

Jay, Chris, Michael Rocha

John Turner


Track Owner, Chris and Paul (Pops) Flaskerud

Team Fastones

Terry Kelly with son Mike

Team Parma

Thanks to coffee sponsor Downtown Don

Scale Nats 2000 Results by Old Weird Herald

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