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Fastrax Raceway

Fastrax/SCR Series Race #2 Results

Fastrax Raceway      Slotcar Raceway

The Brotherhood assembled at Slotcar Raceway in Santa Rosa, for round 2 of the Battle of the Bay.  This may have been April fools day, but the racers weren't fooling around as they arrived early at SCR, set up their pit spaces and started testing their race cars.  The SCR Hillclimb track was beautifully prepared for the event, all the batteries had been newly re-wired and the power was top notch.  After some complementary SCR donuts and coffee and a few hot laps of testing the days events were ready to begin right on schedule.

SCR sponsored a Concours 'd Elegance, each racer could pick one car from the cars they were going to race and enter it in the beauty contest. Spencer Smith was the winner with a beautiful NASCAR racer. It was pointed out later that his controller handles were painted to match his car too!!  Good job Spencer!

The first race of the day was 1/32 GTP. This is a great spec class with everyone running the same chassis (Parma Int 32), tires (Parma #70912), body (Parma Ultimate Intrepid) gears (64 pitch 14:38), and Plafit Cheetah motor. It's a driver's race. De-slots are costly, you have to stay in the slot and make laps. The race line up was Gary Hooks, Keith Eastman, Lee the Flea, Howard Smith, Bob Krash, NuMarc, Mark Manion, Vee and Ron Southern. The starting buzzer sounded and the race was on, well for almost everyone.  Poor Gary Hooks was left on the line, his car showing no signs of forward movement.  A quick track call discovered that the track power was ok, and Gary's car was DOA.  The power was back on and Gary was in the pits. The field was bunched up for lap after lap until late in the heat when NuMarc, Manion and Southern pulled out a small lead.

The second heat saw Vee grab top laps with 29 on white. Gary was still in the pits. Southern got 28 laps in the 3rd heat and moved into the lead. Hooks rejoins the field mid way in the heat - he had had a broken lead wire.  SCR's Howard Smith was in the hunt at the end of heat 4 and trying to make a move on Southern for first.  Heat 5 was something to see as Southern, Vee, Manion and NuMarc turned 28 laps each. Vee set high laps in heat 6 with 29, he was on the move. Vee flounders in heat 7 and lets Southern take the lead.  NuMarc, and Manion push hard in the 8th and 9th heats but it was going to be Southern's race. He finished with 226 laps, Vee in 2nd with 224, Manion 3rd with 223, followed by NuMarc, Bob Krash, Howard Smith, Lee the Flea, Keith Eastmead and "Never Say Die Gary Hooks".

NASCAR Expert quickly followed the 1/32 GTP race.  The Fastrax Experts showed the SCR experts the fast way around the home track Kingleman last month, would the SCR racers return the favor on the home track Hillclimb?  On the starting line were Vee, Wayne Grigsby, NuMarc, Mark Manion, Ron Southern, Show Boat, Rick Lewis, Gary Hooks, and George Simien as a sit out.  The buzzer sounded and the Nascars took off headed for the high bank, hit the brakes in the Deadman, swooped the finger, the kink, powered up the Donut, hit the lead-on hard and back to start finish. They all made it through the first lap; this was going to be a great race. At the end of heat 1 Vee, Numarc and Southern all had 30 laps, Lewis, Manion and Hooks had 28, Show Boat had 27 and Grigsby had 25.  Show Boat sat out heat 2 and Simien came in to do 30 laps on red.  However, NuMarc, Southern & Lewis also pulled off 30 laps. Vee was the hottest and finished with 31 laps.  Heat 3 saw NuMarc and Southern get 31 laps.  Vee sat out the 4th heat.

And when the power was back on NuMarc was shown as the race leader, followed by Southern and Manion. NuMarc keep the 1st position for the next 3 heats. Hooks was on the move and was showing as second place. Simien was not fair behind and was turning consistent 30 laps per heat. But Vee was ripping off 31 lap heats.  In the last 2 heats SCR's Vee really showed his home track knowledge and pulled off the win with a total of 244 laps, followed by SCR's NuMarc second with 239 lasps and 3rd SCR's George Simien with 263 laps, the rest followed as follows, SCRs' Southern, SCR's Lewis, Independent Hooks, Fastrax's Show Boat, SCR's Manion, and Fastrax's Grigsby.

The Nascar Sportsman took to the track next. Team Fastrax fielded Aaron
Grigsby, Paul McNulty, Jeff Thrower, Lee the Flea, Alastair Alty , Miles Alty and Bob Krash.  Team SCR was represented by Spencer Smith, Marcus Rezzonico and Howard Smith. Team SCR had their work cut out for them being out numbered 2 to 1. At the end of the 1st heat the early leader was Howard Smith " the worlds best turn marshal", followed by Alastair, Thrower, Aaron, Miles, Marcus, and Chris and Paul. Spencer jumped into the race in heat 2 and the round robin format kicked in.  Howard was showing as race leader until the 4th heat when he became a sit out.  Miles picked up as race leader for heat 5. Marcus became race leader for heats 6 & 7.  Spencer completed his 8 lane at the end of heat #9 with a total of 227 laps.  This moved him into lead, would he hold on to the lead of the race?.  

Lee the flea picked up the lead at the end of heat 10.  Moving into the 11th heat Miles was hoping for a win and Lee the flea was not fair behind.  In the end Spencer held on to get the win followed byMarcus with 214 laps for 2nd, and Miles with 210 laps for 3rd.  The rest followed in this order, Alistair, Lee the Flea, Krash, Howard, Jeff, Paul, Aaron and Chris.

Le Mans Sportsman brought out another round robin race featuring, Aaron,
Marcus, Paul, Bob, Lee, Jeff, CK, Keith, and Howard.   All the drivers showed up with nicely detailed Le Mans bodies.  These cars were going to be a bit faster but better handling.  Who would be the winner this time?  All the cars got off to a great start, good clean racing.  The early leader was Lee with 29. However, he only had track position as Keith and Ck also finished the heat with 29 laps.  Howard moved to the front after the 2nd heat and held on until the 5th heat when he got to do some of his famous turn marshalling. Jeff moved into the lead for the 6th heat than it was Paul's turn as leader in the 7th heat. Marcus was shown as leader after the 8th heat.  Marcus finished his 8 heats, as did Paul.

Now it was time for the 9th and final heat.  Howard started the heat with 203 laps, Keith was only 2 back with 201, and Krash was looking ok with 194, it was going to be a shoot  out.   Howard blasted off on the blue lane; Keith was on Howard's spur gear on yellow, followed by Krash looking good on white.  Howard and Keith swapped the lead but Howard pushed on to finish 3 laps out in front of Keith, 270 to 268, from out of know where CK took 3rd with 229 laps. Good run CK. Jeff took 4th followed by Lee, Bob, Paul, Marcus and Aaron.

Our last race of the day was the Expert Le Mans class.  Taking to the track were Wayne, Ron, Mark, Vee, ShowBoat, Gary & NuMark. Your Tech (Me) looked over all the cars with a careful eye but he missed something.  Something that I should have picked up on too. I allowed a car to race with a Parma CLK body.  My mistake.  Please remember use only the JK bodies outlined in our rules. I will be looking much more carefully from now on.  Since this was an unintentional mistake I will not doc myself laps or any one else for that matter, remember we are trying to have fun. But lets all remember our rules, and if I overlook something you the racers can ask me about it on the spot.

 Back to the race. The cars lined up, the starting buzzer sounder and it was full speed-a-head.  Vee turned 35 laps and took the first heat. Ron, NuMarc, ShowBoat and Gary were close behind and Manion's car turned into a windshield wiper wagging all the way down the straight and around the turns.  Vee held the lead for the next 6 heats, Ron held 2nd and Gary held 3rd.  In heat 7 Vee could only pull off 31 laps and Ron got  31 on black 34 on blue and Gary got. Ron is now the race leader and Gary is only 3 back of Vee. In the 8th heat Ron is on purple and Vee on black with Gary on yellow.  Numarc is only 4 back of Gary.  The buzzer sounded and Ron took off like a wounded Mouse never to look back.  Vee put on a strong showing as they both finished the heat with 33 laps each, but Ron took the win with a total of 270 laps to Vee's 268.  Gary rocked on yellow with 35 laps and took 3rd with 265 laps followed by Nu Marc, ShowBoat, Manion and Wayne.

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