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Fastrax Raceway

Fastrax/Slotcar Raceway Series

Fastrax Raceway Slotcar Raceway
Fastrax Raceway and Slotcar Raceway of Santa Rosa, Ca. are inviting slot car racers from all over to join us for this 4 race event. Our focus is on racing scale appearing slot cars emphasizing fun racing. The two race sites are:
  • Fastrax Raceway 3340 "D" San Pablo Dam Rd. San Pablo, CA. (510) 222-2012  Track: 124' Kingleman
  • Slotcar Raceway 950 Piner Rd, Santa Rosa CA. (707) 546-3181 Track: 171' Hillclimb


Points for each racer will be tallied during the whole series. There will be no throw outs due to the fact it is only a four race series. Points for each race will be tallied as follows: 1st place = 30pts, 2nd place = 25pts, 3rd place = 22 pts, 4th place = 20pts, 5th place = 19pts, then descending one point per place to zero. Again, there are no throw outs.

The entry fee for each class is $8. Prizes for each race are race certificates for the top finishers based on a 50% payout. Nice series plaques will be awarded at the final race of the series in Santa Rosa to individuals and to the teams.

There will be a newsletter printed for each race and made available to the racers at Fastrax and SCR sales counters. Descriptions of the races will be written by George, Mark and Russ. Spreadsheets will also be included to show lap counts, and your standings in the points chase. The newsletter will be posted on the Fastrax web site and at The Old Weird Herald .


  • 4" NASCAR Group 10 1/24 scale Production Flexi Chassis, Balanced 16D motors, Nascar bodies.
  • Le Mans GT1 Super 16D 1/24 scale Production Flexi chassis, Production Super 16 D, motors, JK GT1 Le Mans bodies.
  • 1/32 Pla-Fit GTP 1/32 Production International Parma 32 chassis, Plafit Cheetah motor, Parma 1/32 Ultimate Intrepid body.

There will be only one driver level in 1/32 Pla-Fit GTP. There will be two driver levels in 4" NASCAR Group 10 and GT-1 Lemans S16D, "Sportsman" and "Expert". The track owners at Fastrax and SCR will determine the driver levels for the series. These determinations will be based on lap counts during the weekly race programs. Racers are encouraged to discuss these driver levels with their track owner.

If up to twelve (12) racers enter a class, then the race will be run as a round-robin main event. If more than twelve (12) racers enter a class, qualifying heats with randomly chosen racers will be run with eight 2 minute heats. At the end of each qualifying heat, the drivers are instructed to mark the track with their lane stickers to show where they finished. If there are any ties between drivers from different heats, the relative track position is used to determine the finishing order, in the same way as for drivers in the same heat. If you are further around the track than your buddy, then you qualify ahead of him/her. The top eight qualifiers from the qualifying heats go to a main event with eight 3 minute heats.

Order of Classes:
1/32 Plafit GTP
LEMANS GT1 Super 16D

Schedule for the Day
8:00 Track opens
8:00 - 9:45 General practice
9:30 - 9:45 Sign-ups
9:45 - 10:00 Tech for 1/32 Pla-Fit GTP
10:00 Racing begins

The track opens at 8:00 am. General practice is from 8:00 to 9:45, with normal track time rates according to the host raceway. Sign-ups are taken from 9:30 to 9:45. All of the cars for a class are impounded and tech inspected before the races for that class. Drivers will turn marshal for the race following theirs. This procedure may be altered by the directors to accommodate the schedule. Every driver must turn marshal one race for every race he or she enters. If a driver is unable to marshal his or her designated race, a suitable substitute must be found by the driver. The substitute must be an experienced turn marshal or driver.

The House Rules for each host raceway will be enforced. Abusive or disruptive language or behavior is not allowed including such abuse to turn marshals during the races.


  • During the lane change the driver or crew person may repair any part of the race car.
  • Any tools may be used (pliers, wrenches, rags etc.) any fluids may be added being careful not to spill anything on the track surface.
  • No work can be performed during track calls!
  • Track calls may be made by turn marshals or the race director ONLY!!!!

Drivers may not call "track". The proper procedure to call attention to a problem on the track is to make one of several calls, such as: Rider, Bridge, Straight, Braid, Floor, Help. The turn marshals must then assess the situation and call Track or not. The point is to call attention to a situation without calling Track, which means Power Off.


General Technical Rules apply to all classes; exceptions are noted.

  • All cars must resemble full sized race cars with three Numbers. All cars must contain a painted and scaled three dimensional interior with driver's helmet, shoulders, arms and steering wheel mounted in the original cockpit position. Parma #808 interior is an example.
  • No add-on air control devices may be used for any class.
  • Earring clips may be added to secure the lead wires.
  • Front and rear tires must be black.
  • Lead may be used on the chassis secured by glue or double stick tape.
  • All surfaces of the body must be painted with lexan type paint and must be opaque. No clear side panels or "Reynolds" (see through) paint jobs except for wheel wells and windows.
  • Clear areas left to create the visual effect of the spoiler on a full size race car are allowed, but must be detailed in scale.
  • Race director reserves the right to allow or disallow paint jobs.

Track Clearances

  • 1/32 Plafit GTP, LeMans GT-1 Super 16D: .032 inches front to rear when measured on a flat tech block with the braid installed.
  • 4" NASCAR GROUP 10: .063 inches front to rear when measured on a flat tech block with the braid installed. The width of cars in all classes includes the rear tire rubber which might extend past the end of the rim. The tire rubber may not be compressed when measuring the rear tire width.

Chassis Rules

  • 1/32 Plafit GTP: Only one chassis may be used, Parma Int 32.
  • 1/24 scale classes: Any commercially available, stamped steel, flexi chassis is legal. Currently approved chassis are: Racer Products, Parma Flexi 1 and 2, Champion Astro and Turbo, Race Pace Rapid 1, Trinity, JK Cheetah and JK Scorpion.
  • No major modifications to chassis. This includes wholesale chopping, drilling, adding hinges, etc. Minor "chassis tuning" is allowed.
  • Pin tubes may be added to chassis in all classes.
  • Motor bracket holes may be enlarged to clear the motor bushing, but the bracket must remain intact.

Axle and Gear Rules

  • Front axle minimum diameter is .063 inches in all classes.
  • Front axle may be soldered where it passes through the chassis uprights. The axle holes in the uprights may be elongated in order to jig the front axle, but the uprights may not be reduced in size or height.
  • Front wheels must be a minimum diameter of 0.5 inches.
  • Rear axle size of 3/32" must be used in 1/32 Plafit GTP and may be used in GT-1 Lemans S16D. Rear axle size of 1/8" must be used in Group 10 NASCAR.
  • Rear axle height may be re-jigged only in LeMans GT-1 Super 16D class.
  • Rear axle height may not be re-jigged in NASCAR or 1/32 Plafit GTP classes.
  • Rear axle bushings may be soldered in place.
  • Rear axle uprights may be braced with a single brace only in 4" NASCAR GROUP 10 and GT-1 Lemans S16D. Brace may be either a single "U" shaped wire not exceeding .063 inches in diameter, or a single brass tube. The brace must be behind the axle. Rear axle uprights in 1/32 Plafit GTP may not be braced in any way.
  • Rear 1/24 tire width may not exceed .810 inches.
  • Rear 1/32 tire width may not exceed .620 inches and must be PSE #70912, PSE 70932, or tires that come in Parma 420-D kit.

Gear Rules

  • 1/32 Plafit GTP must use 64 pitch gears at 14:38 ratio.
  • GT-1 Lemans S16D may use any pitch gears.
  • 4" NASCAR GROUP 10 must use 48 pitch gears.

Motor Rules

  • 16-D Motor & Super 16 D motors
  • Can Specs - Stock Parma or Trinity.
  • Magnets - Stock 16D or Super 16D type or aftermarket "matched" magnets such as Fast Ones, Best o' the West, etc.
  • 16D Armature: 16D must be tagged as a 16D type if it's an American arm.
  • Super 16D Armature: must be Chinese Arm - no American arms (Pro Slot, RJR).
  • Plafit motor must be Cheetah #8631.

Motor Specifications

  • No modifications to the motor can, endbell, or endbell hardware except racer may add or change can screws and may add armature spacers to limit endplay.
  • Armature dye allowed only on Mura and RJR D Spec armatures. All other armatures (Fast Ones D Spec, Chinese Super 16D armatures) must retain hysol coating.
  • May re-true commutator, zap magnets. Super gluing of magnets is allowed. Balancing is allowed.
  • Any replacement springs, spring posts and brushes are allowed.

Body Rules

General body rules:

  • Front wheel wells must remain clear, or be cut out so wheel and tire is partially visible when viewed from the side.
  • May reinforce body with tape and lexan bullet proofing.
  • Tech Director reserves the right to allow or disallow any bodies. 4" NASCAR GROUP 10
  • Roof height rule in force - bodies may be no lower than 1-9/16 inches measured to the top and center of the roof.
  • Bumper rule - body must have front and rear bumpers minimum size of 1/8".
  • May not cut out rear of body.

Le Mans GT1 S16D

  • Must use JK PRODUCTS (USA) Le Mans Bodies only.
  • Body must be cut on the cut line and mounted accordingly. Make your tech director's job easy, have a little bit of the cut line visible!
  • May not cut out rear of GT-1 Lemans body.

1/32 Plafit GTP

  • 1/32 Parma PSE Ultimate Intrepid A/B only
  • Cutting out rear of Ultimate Intrepid GTP body is allowed.
  • Body may be cut to any height.

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