Riverside Raceway
Dutton Court, Chainbridge Road
Blaydon, Newcastle upon Tyne
England  NE21 5ST
Phone: 0191-414-1828
Fax: 0191-414-1829
Email: RiverSlot@aol.com

Track Tariff Options

Riverside Raceway is the first dedicated model car raceway in Europe.  Staffed by professional racers and equipped with three custom made tracks, the center offers exciting racing and a wide range of opportunities for both public and corporate clients.

Hire cars and controllers are available for use on all 3 tracks providing extremely low cost and excellent value access to those who wish to begin racing in this highly competitive and enjoyable sport.

Open weekdays 1pm-10pm and weekends 10am-10pm, our spacious venue combines flexible booking times, fun and a truly competitive sport at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Pay us a visit today and find out just what fun Slot Car Racing can be.  On your first visit, registration is 5.00 which includes your first 1/2 hour of time on your choice of track with a hire car and hand controller.  From then on, make your choice of tracks and race cars!  Time is rented in 15 minute segments and you may practice for the full 15 minutes or just practice for 10 minutes and spend the other 5 minutes qualifying for a monthly championship.

At Riverside Raceway we believe in competition and we organize a full racing schedule suitable for all levels of racing.   On the main track regular evening and weekend events are held for the rental house cars and also the faster scale and wing cars.

Combined Car, Controller & Lane Rental
The Fastest 15 Minutes Of Your Life !!

Peak Time
6-10pm Weekdays,
All Day Weekends

Low Tariff
11am-6pm Weekdays

1/24th Main Track 3.00 2.50
Scalex & H.O. tracks 2.00 1.75
Lane Rental Only
1/24th Main Track 1.75 1.50
Scalextric & H.O. tracks 1.25 1.00
Controller rent option
(for use with your own car)
0.50 0.50

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